Dutch Delight Veal

From Holland

High-quality, safe and delicious veal.

Dutch Delight certified Veal from Holland. Its unique taste has been popular for generations in Europe and is now also available in the United States. Dutch Delight is easily digestible, low in cholesterol and rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a light taste which is universally appreciated. It is truly a meat for all menus.

Dutch Delight is for the North-American market specially packed by ESA for Source One Imports. Since 1980 ESA has manufactured a wide range of high quality veal products tailored to suit the wishes of the customer. Source One Imports, through its partnership with ESA, provides customers with the highest quality veal products which are produced both humanely and sustainably.

Our modern management systems ensure the consistently high quality of the product. Dutch Delight is guaranteed by Safety Guard. Safety Guard is an integrated quality system that assures food safety and animal welfare throughout the production chain.

The calves are raised in group housing and come exclusively from controlled integrated family-owned farms. The husbandries are spacious, well-ventilated and well-lit. The calves are fed calf milk supplemented with roughage. Providing a generous amount of roughage makes an important contribution to improving animal welfare.

The independent Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector (SKV) verifies that our farmers comply with all the rules. SKV also takes samples and conducts visual checks at farms and the slaughterhouse to ensure that the veal is produced without the use of prohibited growth promoters.

Fit Calf (Vitaal Kalf ) is the quality control system of the Dutch Calf Industry Association (Stichting Brancheorganisatie Kalversector, SBK). This independent system includes the whole veal production chain. This means that in addition to the farmers, the transporters, collection centres and processors are partici-pating. Fit Calf adheres to the strictest animal welfare and quality standards to ensure Dutch Delight is safe, wholesome and is the highest quality veal.

Dutch Delight Veal from Holland

High-quality, safe and delicious veal







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For more information or questions about the Dutch Delight Veal, please contact us at info@sourceoneimports.com

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